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First, a little background. (this part is a bit long and a rant but we bring it home in the end) I bought some equipment earlier this year to help get more work done in less time. Who wants to pay tax and miss out on some package bundles (read: rebate). Certainly not me. I went ahead and placed my order with MacMall and got the associated upgrades with shipping that was less than the local tax would have been. I am so smart.

It took a little longer to arrive but it finally did and everything was sweet. A honeymoon. Now I enjoy sitting down and working in front of my computer again. After about a week my new display developed a problem. One vertical line of pixels had gone bad and was driving me crazy. I took it to the local Apple store and immediately they knew the problem and offered to send it back for repair. The problem was that I was now hairdo deep in a project and couldn’t part with it for even a couple of days. If I had purchased at the store they would have given me a swap and all would be fine. They said I could call MacMall and see what they could do. All this while sitting at the genius bar. I called MacMall and was rudely informed that they will under no circumstances accept a return of an Apple product.


That was my question precisely. How can you base your entire business on a computer and company that you refuse to support. Idiots. The employees at the store were shocked. Sure enough, on the packing slip they spell out that they accept returns under no circumstance from just about any name brand manufacturer. The guys at the store took pity on me and pulled a parachute full of strings and eventually exchanged my equipment for brand new. I had to purchase a new one and was credited back when the repair returned. I had to pay the tax after all but it was a small price to pay in the end. They were willing to take a hit for me.

Fast forward to today. Our kids were lucky and signed up for Apple Camp right when it was announced. They are having a ball. Yesterday was the GarageBand and iTunes for our 9 year old daughter. She came home and mixed a new song complete with lyrics. Today was the Podcast class and our oldest son was scheduled to attend.

Signup was 2 months ago and he and his best friend signed up together. They were psyched! In the meantime 3 weeks ago his friend was diagnosed with Leukemia and is now deep into chemotherapy and wasn’t feeling well today. They had planned to have my son go to the store and video chat back to him at his home. This was the only way he could still participate and he was excited. When they got there they found out that it just wasn’t going to work. He was quite sad. He hasn’t got anything to do but sit around for the foreseeable future and this was a little bit of light in a dark time.

After talking to a few people in the store, my wife talked to the store manager and she came through in a HUGE way. She was so kind and wrote a beautiful personal letter to him along with a gift basket of all the things from the Apple Camp. T-shirt, book, notes, and everything. In addition she put all her personal contact info and told him to be sure to call, email or find her as soon as he is feeling better. She set him up with a day of ProCare for the application of his choice. He was on cloud nine. His mom was crying, my wife was crying and I am right now too. He is 14 years old and needs all the uplifting he can get right now.

Apple has proven to be a great and caring company and I feel like they really care and they have wonderful employees. I pray every day that he will pull through this. We lost 2 neighbors to Leukemia last year and all we know for now is the sadness that comes along with it.

Apple. Thank you.


TunerTricks – GTi – MacMini

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TunerTricks GTi – MacMini

I would love to do this sometime. I have been thinking about it but I don’t have the time right now. A trip with the kids could be so much more enjoyable. Add the Mac Media Center to the mix with an LCD in the back and I would travel willingly.

Line of Sight – Projects

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Line of Sight – Projects Great little audio and organization apps.

Scariest Day of my Life

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Today was a frightening day. Little Ava (13 mo.) was feeling under the weather. No biggie. She was warm but not too hot. Then in the afternoon she began having strange little incidents. Like some phantom brother was pinching her and she would do a full body jerk and start screaming. This happened every 10 to 15 minutes for a few hours and we definitely noticed it. Nina was holding her and suddenly she had a BIG seizure! We tried to put a cold cloth on her head and cool water on her face. I blew in her face and just held her. She wasn’t breathing and I was scared. Niles and Ella were watching and they started to panic as well. They were screaming and running around thinking that their little sister was going to die.


She continued like this for what seemed like an hour. In reality it had to be nearly 2 minutes. Nina was on the phone with 911 and they were there in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Finally Ava collapsed and began breathing again but not before turning blue. I began to regain my composure somewhat but was still shaken. Then it began to rain. Buckets. She was out of it for another 20 minutes and finally came around. She wanted to know what all these strangers were doing in her house. She waved bye-bye to one but he didn’t leave. While all of this was happening our neighbors were outside taking showers wondering if everything was OK. It isn’t everyday that emergency vehicles come screaming through the neighborhood. It is usually very quiet.

The paramedics checked her out and recommended a trip to the hospital. As the rain subsided they took her and Nina in the ambulance to the hospital. They drew blood and urine, checked temp and other vitals and she finally went to sleep. While finding her tiny little veins the tubing broke on the I.V. and was spilling blood all over. They replaced it and everything was fine. It looked much worse than it actually was. She is a troooper.

They said everything looks good. No menengitis or really anything. Just watch her fever. That is what likely caused it. Just the body trying to protect the brain. Can’t it do it in some other not so scary fashion?

She is still warm today but we are watching closely. Thanks to everyone for helping out with the other kids. We really appreciate it. I realize no-one but me will probably ever read this but it feels good to tell it. She may have to deal with it herself someday when I am a grandparent and these bits and bytes are long gone.

Love ya baby. Dad

Proxy server for home use

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Proxy server info:

More esurplus auction items

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Metal Pizza Peel. mmmmmm PowerBook ends 4/13 Laserwriter 8500 Ends April 13 Laserwriter 8500 Ends April 13 Dark Room door ends April 12 globe ends april 13

A list of movies

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Here is a list of movies that I may want to see. At the rate I’m going this should last several years.

Cheaper by the Dozen Master & Commander Anger Management Big fish (on DVD 4/27) Starsky and Hutch The RM The Home Teachers The Best Two Years 50 First Dates Ella Enchanted Ella is going with Papa to this one Brother Bear Matchstick Men Fast and the Furious 1&2

I’m sure there are more. These are just some of what is out right now.

I just looked back through history and found a few more: Election (from The Movie Show on Radio?) School of Rock

I will add to this as I remember shows. Maybe I will even cross off ones that I see.

bye – Foxlife – Out There Archive

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Interactive Distribution Systems

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1&1 webspace

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