I know I haven’t written anything of my own in qute some time. Big events seem to give the nudge we need to take action.

This has been an extremely tough week. I’ve written earlier about my son’s friend who was diagnosed with Leukemia. He fought hard but ultimately lost this week. He was just shy of his 16th birthday and has taught us all so much. I have had to deal with death too much and usually can be strong and positive with my faith and knowledge of what comes next. I am usually responsible to create programs for the funerals of friends, family and neighbors. It is about the only memorial that I can contribute but I consider it an honor. It is a healing process for me but this time has been different. I see my son and his strength and just hope he will be ok. I can’t help but feel guilty that I am still here. Playing with my children. While he has been suffering so much for the past 3 years. There isn’t much more I can do but help. I’m sure this will pass as it has with the others, but at the same time I don’t want to forget.

There are so many people that have stepped up for Jaxx since he was diagnosed. All of his friends and their families tried to help and keep him happy. I think the things he enjoyed most were the simple ones. A letter or a video clip. A phone call or an iChat. I can’t help but hug my kids and not want to let go. I’ve come to realize that you just don’t know when the end will come. It could be decades or it could be today.

I would also like to recognize the people at the Apple Store in SLC. They have gone so far above and beyond that I can’t begin to explain. They let Jaxx in the back door to play with an iPhone before the launch. Gave him one on one time when he was feeling better. Gave him a care package with shirts and a badge when he wasn’t. And are helping put together a video with his family for the funeral. They are incredible.

One thing the family has asked is that we contribute to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on behalf of Jackson. While you may not know me or Jackson I hope you take the opportunity to do something. There are countless families suffering and fighting for their loved ones. And please give your kids a hug. It is a gift that will last forever.