Use iTunes and Bluetooth to create your own ringtones for the Moto RAZR. It isn’t as hard as you think. Just use the right settings. When I used the wrong settings, the transfer failed when loading my phone. All of these instructions are for a Mac but if you follow along, I’m sure you will get it.

1- First you need to find what you want to use in your iTunes Library. Make a playlist and put your soon to be ringtones in it.

2- You’ll need to clip them to about 30 seconds long. This is about how long your phone will ring. No need to use the extra space with sound you won’t be able to hear. To do this just get info on your song and set the start and stop point in the options tab. Click OK and move on.

Make it Short

3- Next you need to set iTunes to convert your music to 22 khz and mono encoding. I used a lower bitrate to save space. These settings are found in the iTunes Preferences under the advanced tab. When you choose custom for the bitrate setting the second dialog box will pop up.

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Make it Small

4- Convert the songs to mp3 and find them in your Library. I used a smart playlist with recently added songs. I then dragged the song to my desktop. This made a copy so if anything went wrong I could just go back to iTunes.

Convert it

5- Now that you are to this stage you can go back to iTunes and set the in and out points on the original song back to normal. It’s easier to do this now while you are thinking about it. Your ringtone version should still be there. You can easily pick these out by looking at the bitrate which will likely be lower.

6- Send the audio files to your phone using a bluetooth connection and be sure to tell the phone to store them. I just use a D-Link USB adapter and it works great.

7- On your phone set the audio for one of your new tones and you should be good.

Enjoy your new ringtones!