I have created a new photoshop file with additional layers to help with changing the look. There are two new layer sets in this version as well as the original default theme (kubrick) layers.

One layer set has a vector version. If you just want to change the color, fill the layer and leave the mask alone. The shadows and gradients are created with layer effects. I have unlinked the masks so they don’t get moved inadvertently.

The second layer set is a bitmap version that will act the same way as the vector one. Fill the layer with your color and the masks will handle the cropping. If you want to use an image for the header just paste it in the file and use one of the masks to crop it. Command + click (mac) on the mask to make the mask a selection. Make sure the layer you are masking is active and make it a mask by clicking on the “add layer mask” icon at the bottom of the layers palette. The shapes are also saved as paths if you are so inclined.

Just keep in mind how the file will be sliced up while playing around. The guides will help you. All of the exporting instruction from this post still apply.

Have Fun and let’s all be different!