Today was a frightening day. Little Ava (13 mo.) was feeling under the weather. No biggie. She was warm but not too hot. Then in the afternoon she began having strange little incidents. Like some phantom brother was pinching her and she would do a full body jerk and start screaming. This happened every 10 to 15 minutes for a few hours and we definitely noticed it. Nina was holding her and suddenly she had a BIG seizure! We tried to put a cold cloth on her head and cool water on her face. I blew in her face and just held her. She wasn’t breathing and I was scared. Niles and Ella were watching and they started to panic as well. They were screaming and running around thinking that their little sister was going to die.


She continued like this for what seemed like an hour. In reality it had to be nearly 2 minutes. Nina was on the phone with 911 and they were there in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Finally Ava collapsed and began breathing again but not before turning blue. I began to regain my composure somewhat but was still shaken. Then it began to rain. Buckets. She was out of it for another 20 minutes and finally came around. She wanted to know what all these strangers were doing in her house. She waved bye-bye to one but he didn’t leave. While all of this was happening our neighbors were outside taking showers wondering if everything was OK. It isn’t everyday that emergency vehicles come screaming through the neighborhood. It is usually very quiet.

The paramedics checked her out and recommended a trip to the hospital. As the rain subsided they took her and Nina in the ambulance to the hospital. They drew blood and urine, checked temp and other vitals and she finally went to sleep. While finding her tiny little veins the tubing broke on the I.V. and was spilling blood all over. They replaced it and everything was fine. It looked much worse than it actually was. She is a troooper.

They said everything looks good. No menengitis or really anything. Just watch her fever. That is what likely caused it. Just the body trying to protect the brain. Can’t it do it in some other not so scary fashion?

She is still warm today but we are watching closely. Thanks to everyone for helping out with the other kids. We really appreciate it. I realize no-one but me will probably ever read this but it feels good to tell it. She may have to deal with it herself someday when I am a grandparent and these bits and bytes are long gone.

Love ya baby. Dad