Re: Need Recommended Listening!
Message posted by Emily Liz (via on December 13, 2003 at 7:48 PM (MST)

Owen – we listen to the Tchaik because it’s fun to hear it mangled as often as it is! ;)

Marcianne – It all depends on your tastes. Which genres do you like best? Are you more of a Classical buff, or do you get into the extrovert emotion in Romantic works? Are you one of those amazing musical people who can immediately “connect” with a dissonant, modern piece written by the likes of Shostakovich and Stravinsky? Or does it take you tens of listen-throughs to understand these things (like me)? :) Or do you just not like modern music at all?

Having said that, here’s a few of my own personal guilty pleasures from a few different genres.



Vivaldi Four Seasons

Mozart Concerto Number 4

Bach Sonatas and Partitas -
very fun to compare and contrast because A) many people have recorded them, and B) the possible interpretations of these works are simply infinite

Paganini pieces (but would they really be considered Baroque or Classical?…they don’t really seem romantic…someone help me out here)



Sibelius concerto

Tchaikovsky concerto

Brahms concerto

Anything by Max Bruch -(especially his concerto number 3 – although number 1 is more popular – and Scottish Fantasy)

Kreisler pieces


Post 1900

Barber concerto (a really emotional, accessible concerto)

Khatchaturian concerto

Anything by Gabriel Faure (a very elegant French composer)

Anything by Gerald Finzi (although he isn’t associated with the violin too much, although check out his cello concerto for an emotional rush)

Although your tastes are undoubtedly different (I’d be a little disappointed if they weren’t), maybe this list might help you find something you enjoy. :)

Enjoy the music!

Musically, Emily